Reciprocal Reading: Revolutionise Reading Comprehension Results!

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This training is aimed at Y1 – Y6 teachers and TAs.

Reciprocal Reading is described in ‘Brooks’s What Works for Literacy Difficulties?’ as having a ‘remarkable impact’ on accuracy and comprehension. Reciprocal reading refers to an instructional activity in which pupils become the teacher in small group reading sessions. Teachers model, then help children to learn to guide group discussions using four strategies: summarising, question generating, clarifying, and predicting. Once pupils have learned the strategies, they take turns assuming the role of teacher in leading a dialogue about what has been read.

Why Use Reciprocal Reading?

  • It encourages children to think about their own thought process during reading.
  • It helps pupils to learn to be actively involved and monitor their comprehension as they read.
  • It teaches pupils to ask questions during reading and helps make the text more comprehensible.

Find out how to use Reciprocal Reading at whole class level and as a group intervention strategy to dramatically improve reading results.

Choice of Dates:

Wednesday 16th March 4pm – 5pm

Wednesday 18th May 2022 2pm – 3pm

Monday 26th September 2022 4pm – 5pm

Tuesday 15th November 2022 4pm – 5pm

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This will be £40 (+VAT) (this includes 1 additional teacher or TA from your school to attend the same date and time at no extra cost if you wish).


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