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“Thank you so much! Really useful and full of practical ideas.” Mark Vernon and Helen Baker, Stockport Grammar Junior School

Raising Attainment and Aspirations in the Primary Classroom.

This training is suitable for primary head teachers, leadership teams, all teachers and TAs.

The Growth Mindset explains why it’s not just our abilities and talents that bring us success but how we approach our goals. Mindset refers to the beliefs that we hold, whether we think our abilities are set in stone (the fixed mindset) or open to development (the growth mindset). These mindsets have enormous implications for personal and educational development and whether we reach our potential in life or plateau.

The Growth Mindset is the result of research by Prof Carol Dweck at Stanford University and is backed by neuroscience. It is one of the principles in positive psychology – that we can learn optimism, develop our strengths and grow our happiness. It sets out a formula for success at school and in life.

This session will:
  • Examine current research regarding Growth Mindset and consider implications for the classroom.
  • Share practical strategies for developing this approach in your school to ensure maximum impact on attitudes and attainment.
Choice of dates and times:

Monday 23rd September 2024 4pm – 5.30pm

Tuesday 4th February 2025 4pm – 5pm

Wednesday 30th April 2025 4pm – 5pm

2 for 1 Offer

This session will be £55 (+VAT). This includes 1 additional teacher or TA from your school to attend at no extra cost if you wish.


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