Achieving Greater Depth in English in KS2

Maximising Progress for More Able Pupils

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This day is aimed at KS2 teachers, TAs and English Leaders.

“Tre and Pet have produced a wonderful course that was insightful and gave all the research and evidence to justify what they were sharing. They shared ideas, activities and resources that can be lifted and used directly in the classroom. Thank you very much for this! I have had a wonderful day!” Alice Jones Emmbrook Junior School

“Thanks. Really useful. Full of really practical ideas. I would definitely recommend.” Samantha Golding St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School

What constitutes Greater Depth in reading and writing at KS2? Children who write at Greater Depth demonstrate an awareness of purpose and audience which impacts on the choices they make re sentence structure and vocabulary. There is an understanding of grammar and and how to manipulate this in response to the writing task. Many more able writers can achieve greater depth effortlessly – particularly if they are avid readers who have internalised the ‘writerly language’ required for different genres. For others, including many children who are achieving the ‘expected standard’, it is possible, with support and guidance, to achieve greater depth. A sharp focus on audience and purpose, great models for writing and explicit grammar teaching which draws attention to the linguistic choices and possibilities available rather than simply a focus on concepts and terminology will ensure excellence in writing outcomes for pupils.

Reading at a ‘higher level’, ‘developing mastery within reading’ and ‘reading at greater depth’ are all terms with which we are familiar but what does this look like in terms of learning for pupils and how do we define a ‘higher-level reader’? Children who are reading at Greater Depth in KS2 demonstrate deep, consistent application of more complex inference and deduction. They are able to make connections, analyse, evaluate and synthesise effectively… and they enjoy reading!  As teachers, we can enable our pupils to become advanced readers by providing opportunities to build the  characteristics of successful readers while teaching the skills necessary to achieve greater depth in reading.

This training will examine:
  • Practical strategies to provide challenging educational opportunities for more and most able pupils in both reading and writing.
  • Good practice case studies from Ofsted which show how schools have overcome the barriers to high achievement, especially for disadvantaged learners.
  • The specific requirements of Writing at Greater Depth at the end of Key Stage 2 and how Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 teachers can support pupils in achieving this.
  • Writing samples from more able pupils and implications for teaching and learning.
  • How to deepen understanding and analytical thinking through the use of challenging texts and comprehension activities.
Choice of Dates:

Friday 19th April 2024 9.30am – 3pm

Tuesday 15th October 2024 9.30am – 3pm

2 for 1 Offer

Cost: £179 (+VAT) per teacher. Second delegate from the same school may attend for free.

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