The Use of Questioning to Develop Comprehension at KS3

Free Zoom Training for KS3 teachers and Teaching Assistants

“Judicious questioning is nearly half the learning” (Jerome Bruner)

Asking the right question can act as the bridge between teaching and learning. Effective questioning can stimulate pupils to move on to a more advanced stage in their thinking and provide the scaffolding for new learning. Asking the right questions can help develop pupils’ comprehension and improve pupil progress in reading.

This session will give KS3 teachers and TAs an opportunity to:
  • Consider how careful questioning can develop thinking and aid comprehension.
  • Explore a range of question types to move children’s thinking forward.

Monday 17th May 2021 7pm -8pm or

Thursday 24th June 2021 5pm – 6pm

This free training is open to all KS3 teachers/TAs from your school.

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